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Diplomacy and Leadership (September 15-28)



School Organizers

MSU International School "Leadership and Diplomacy" is arranged by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies under the auspices of the German Exchange Academic Service (DAAD) and is designed to equip students with insights into the various dimensions of transnational cooperation and to train them in terms of interculturality, negotiating skills, leadership skills, diplomacy and analytical skills with a focus on geopolitical state of affairs between Germany, Austria and Russia. The International School offers a multidisciplinary curriculum to address the complex issue of diplomacy and leadership skills. 

Who can apply?

MSU International School "Leadership and Diplomacy" is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of any majors, but will be especially interesting to the students of the Slavonic departments, International Relations and Politics, Economics, History and Social Studies.

Important Dates and Deadlines

International School is held from 15th to 28th of September

Deadline for application submission - 1st of June 2019

What will you study?

Module 1: Leadership (psychology of leadership; teambuilding as key element of leadership; managing international teams; crisis-communication and conflict resolution in leadership).

Module 2: Diplomacy (global issues of international relations, history of diplomatic relations, politics and political leaders of Russia, Germany and Austria).

Module 3: Economy (world economy; international relations in economy; legal issues of international economy; establishing and conducting business in Germany, Austria and Russia).

Module 4: Language (Gaining insight into the language of the "other", acquiring or deepening Russian language skills is an important prerequisite for understanding the culture and mentality of the country. Here, a special focus is on business language and on making presentations, public speaking, written communication as reports, e-mails, minutes etc.).

Module 5: Cross-Cultural Negotiation (Insights in the complex historical relations between Germany, Austria and Russia to gain a better understanding of present developments; culture and negotiations; commonalities and differences of Russian and German/Austrian cultures at a bargaining table, win-win negotiation strategies in bilateral negotiations, Political linguistics).

DAAD Scholarship Terms

The scholarships are offered to German students as well as international students studying in Germany.

For more information on DAAD rules and regulations for the scholarship provision please visit https://www.daad.de/ausland/prg/goeast/de/67757-ausschreibung-go-east-sommerschulen-01/

How to apply to MSU International School

         1. Complete the International School application form (Application form with a Consent for processing your personal data): application.pdf

         2. Send School application form and passport copy to the following e-mail addresses: ibotchkov@ffl.msu.ru; kabakhidze@gmail.com

          3. In case you would like to apply for DAAD scholarship, you will need to submit additional documents:

 a.      Motivation Letter

 b.      Letter of Recommendation from your University

          4. Please specify if you need accommodation, as well as buddy.

          5. You will receive a visa invitation from MSU International School organizers. In case you have applied for DAAD scholarship, you will receive a notifying letter containing the results of the scholarship consideration.

               6. When you receive the official invitation from LMSU, please apply for the entrance visa to Russia.

         7. Book your tickets to Moscow and back. Please send the booking details to MSU International School organizers as well as a copy of your entrance visa.

               8. Contact MSU International School organizers to inform of your travel itinerary and timing


Program Fee

The cost of the study program is 30 000 RUB (app. equivalent to 420 EUR) including two social events (welcoming party and city tour).

Study visits to companies of Moscow and cultural program are customized upon your request. The proposals on companies to visit and cultural program options will be provided to the registered school participants.



International school participants will have several options for accommodation. Since September is the most busy time to be accommodated at MSU students' dormitory, we cannot guarantee its availability. Your early registration for the International School will secure accommodation at MSU campus, in case you are registered later, you will be provided with an option of the student’s hostels nearby.


Contact details of school organizers

Deputy Dean for International Collaboration  - Igor Bochkov: ibotchkov@ffl.msu.ru

Program Manager, International School - Katerina Kabakhidze: kabakhidze@gmail.com

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