Faculty of Foreign Languages

Scholarly Life and Divisions of Research

Linguistic researches at the faculty are conducted in the following fields approved by the Faculty Academic Board: 

• Language and intercultural communication; 
• Comparative linguistics and Theory of translation; 
• Area studies and international relations; 
• Methodology of foreign language teaching; 
• Theory of language; 
• Russian culture and world civilizations.

The results of the researches appear in scientific and methodological articles. The faculty academic staff issued many different dictionaries as well as a great number of papers and books on foreign languages, area studies and cultural antropology. Compilation of coursebooks for pupils is another important field of the faculty staff academic activity. 

The faculty also issues a quarterly scientific publication "Lomonosov Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Journal".

The faculty organizes a number of international, all-Russian and interuniversity annual conferences on priority academic issues. The international conference "Russia and the West: Dialogue of Cultures" is the most popular. It attracts many specialists in linguistics and cultural anthropology from Russia and other countries.

The academic staff works on new academic courses and programmesOur researchers take part in scientific projects contests. They get grants for conducting researches, organizing conferences and other events.

The faculty signed agreements for international cooperation with foreign universities. It maintains regular scientific and academic contacts with many Russian universities, takes part in joint researches, provides assistance in training highly qualified teachers. 

The faculty has Dissertation Defence Boards. There are also courses for postgraduates and doctors.
Faculty teachers and professors gained Russian and foreign awards, honorary titles and Russian and international academic prizes for their scientific achievements.

Deputy dean for Research - Doctor of Philology, professor, Andrey E. Levitsky.


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