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Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation (2015 .),
Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation (2007 .),
MSU Honorary Professor (2022

Laureate of Lomonosov Award for Teaching Excellence (2009 .),

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies (since 2012),
Head of the Department of Linguistics, Translation and Intercultural Communication,

Dr. Habil in Philology, Professor

Galina G. Molchanova

Prof. Galina G. Molchanova is well-known both in Russia and abroad as a researcher in linguistics, cognitive linguistics, philology and intercultural communication. Galina G. Molchanova was awarded the academic rank of Full Professor in 1992. Prof. Molchanova was an academic supervisor to 7 PhD candidates.

Research areas: theory and practice of intercultural communication, text linguistics, English stylistics, semantics and linguistics theory, general and comparative linguistics, problems of cross-cultural communication.

Publications: Author of more than 130 published works, among which – 8 monographs and study guides: “Text Semantics: Implicative Aspects of Communication”, English as Non-native: Text, Style, Culture, Communication, Text Study. Text Interpretation in Language Schools, Cognitive Polymodality of Intercultural Communication: Verbal and Nonverbal Codes, Functional Decoding Stylistics and Text Analysis (in print).

Published programs of lecture courses: The Basics of Intercultural Communication Theory, Intercultural Business Communication, Functional Stylistics of English Language (in English), Introduction into Linguistics, Semiotics in Culture and Communication.

Galina G. Molchanova was awarded the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation for outstanding labour achievements, a significant contribution to the development of the humanities, for social activity and continued commitment to work (2019), Certificates of Appreciation of the Ministry of Education and Science. (2003, 2012, 2014), received Lomonosov Award for Teaching Excellence.

Prof. Molchanova is the Deputy Chair of the MSU Dissertation Council 10.07 and the member of the MSU Dissertation Council.10.13, editor-in-chief of scientific journal Bulletin of Moscow University (Series 19. Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication).

The member of the Russian Association of Cognitive Linguists, the Chair of the jury of The Lomonosov Olympiad in English and Linguistics, co-head of the Interdisciplinary Scientific and Educational School of Moscow University Preservation of the World Cultural and Historical Heritage: Communicative Modes (codes) as a Means of Developing Human Science Competencies of a Person of a New Generation.

Galina G. Molchanova regularly participates in scientific conferences in Russia and abroad. In 1993, by the invitation of United States Department of Education, Prof. Molchanova took part in International Visitor Leadership Program co-organised with National Council for International Visitors (NCIV).


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